This week during DTS we have talked about our identity. During one the the lectures we talked about God as being royal and how since we are adopted into His kingdom we are royalty now. And we have authority and all the heavenly treasures right now-not just when we get to heaven. but at this very moment. Before the break the speaker gave us an excercise to do. To pray and ask God to give us an image, words or Bible verses; of how He sees us as being royal. I started drawing but I was feeling blocked while doing that so Iprayed for a while and got the urge to start writing. Right before I started writing I saw an image of the Prince in “Sleeping Beauty” hacking his way through thorns and arrows to get to His princess. Which I thought was really funny because that was my favorite disney princess movie as a child.

You were asleep
Lost in earthly dreams
not seeing how you could be

I fought my way through darkness
just to be with you
just to see you

The thorns couldn’t puncture your heart
The dragons could not keep you as their plunder
But you are my precious treasure
Others tried to rescue you
But only a pure one can free someone
from a darkness so deep
So in your slumber I came
and kissed the darkness away

And you became stamped as my beloved
Stamped on my heart as royalty

I don’t hear God through words very much, mostly through just images because I’m very artistic and usually they are really abstract and hard for me to understand. So, it was really special to me to hear God speak something so specific to me and use something from my childhood to convey to me how He sees me. I thought it was just really awesome.

For about two months I have been working on a piece off and on. I started it like right before me and Doren left Mexico without realizing why but since I’ve been here God has speaking a lot of freedom in my life and telling me I need to declare it as well. So, I feel like this drawing was really freeing for me. He really encouraged me through it because I have been really struggling in getting pieces out there. But here is the unveiling. (this is not a self-portrait)


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